Your eyes

For Prince

Featherston, NZ

? 08-11-2009 (Carterton, New Zealand)

? 03-11-2018 (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)

I have lived it, and lived it

the cold lino floor, the door
open to the world beyond
the nine iron cages – yours the middle
the other eight empty – 

do they stand for your lives?

Four months of cat dumped within 24-hours of breathing.
Can those morons please be burnt for 24-hours of screaming?
Your brothers Pablo and Pacho and you
saved by the bin collectors…

“Ooh, he’s fond of youououou”,
said Marguerite pointing at the window,
you’d just arrived but already held me
in your eyes…

Staring above the windowsill,
following me, always on the lookout for us.

On a stool, on the cold lino floor
I sit and look you in the eye,
I tell you we love you and always will
I tell you you are not getting better
but somehow will…
you purr and wink as the vet
asks me do we want to cremate
or bury.

I tell you I have lived this, and lived this
– your eyes dull upon mine.

© Kirsten Bett 2018

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands