Why write cat tales?

In September the paperback version of Creativity Matters hit the bookstores. Of course it is also available online and as an ebook.

One of my two chapters in the anthology Creativity Matters is why I think everyone who loves cats should write about them. My first book is about to be published, it is called My name is Wilma and, as many of you will know by now 😉, our cat Wilma tells the story of our emigration from the Dutch lowlands to the beautiful kiwi country of my birth, and back again ten years later.

But why choose a cat’s point of view?

Cats just about might be the perfect story tellers. They don’t suffer fools, they know what they want and their observation skills are next to none. I love reading books in which cats are the main characters, don’t you?

I prefer the paperback to the ebook of Creativity Matters because I like to flick through the pages.

As I mentioned in my chapter in Creativity Matters there are many excellent cat books to choose from. Goodreads has a list of 200+ best cat books, and if you google cat fiction, I am sure you will find many more.

I am excited because next week, I am getting my pre-ordered The Cat who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa — Can’t wait! And of course the anticipation of Wilma hitting the ebook shelves in October is exhilarating. I hope you’ll end up loving cat Wilma as much as I do!

Why not get inspired about writing cat tales and many other genres by getting your own copy of Creativity Matters?

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