Happy birthday Wilma

Major Gavin was not Wilma’s favourite.

Major Gavin would have woken us early if we had still been living in NZ and you had still been alive. He was not your favourite creature was he Wilma?


Short but sweet. I get that. I love that you are still talking to me even after you passed away on Boxing Day 2019. Luckily you had already been telling me your story, and continued to do so after you died. That’s fab.

“I will always talk to you. Just like Kapitein talked to me in our book. He had just died when I came to live with you guys. Your readers don’t know that yet, do they?”

Well some do. My beta-readers know now. Some did not like me calling Wim and me the man-human and the lady-human, whereas all you cats had your own names. So I am changing that.

“Yep makes sense. I like the cover ideas you and your cover designer are coming up with too!”

Ah, I do too but we will talk about that later, bye for now.


Hi there,
it’s nice to meet you. This is Wilma. She was called Willem for a day.

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  1. You had a rooster named Major Gavin? 😀 Great name! Mine are called Nigel and Laverton.

    27 July 2021

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