Wilma: “Just get it done!”

“Was this the best photo you could find of me, and look at our cat tree, it’s all stuffy and I even think I left a nail in it…”

Thanks for that Wilma, I chose this picture as it shows your gentle force. It was taken in Featherston, NZ, at a stage when I was working full-time and commuting at least three hours each day. I had no time for house cleaning. I will add another photo of you  a bit later. One that meets your approval. Now, if you don’t mind – this is an interview and I ask the questions….

No, don’t go. Please stay here. I will get you some Jimbo’s (raw meat for cats)…

What’s your favourite Jimbo’s Wilma?

“Hearty beef.”

Wilma, I am so pleased that you are writing your story through me. It’s an absolute honour to channel you. Why did you want to tell your story?

“Easy, my favourite lazy pants. My story obviously needs to be told. I have travelled the world twice. Remember, I heard you talking about that book of a travelling cat and that was within one country.”

Hmmm, if I can just interrupt you there for a bit, Wilma – that was a very beautifully written book and it was about both the actual journey and what happened to the people and the cat in the story.

Accepted but without giving too much away, that goes for us as well.

It sure does Wilma, I just mean to say that you don’t need to travel far to go far. How are you finding the book so far?

“It’s taking too long, I like it when you did that month and then finished the draft. But now with all the editing and thinking and restructuring, it is doing my head in. I am sure it’s improving but as long as you get my story out there, I am happy. “

Alright, Wilma. I will get it done soon. Promise. Can you recognise yourself in the storytelling?

“I sure can, you get that Featherston was my all time favourite place to live and you didn’t even get mad when you found out about all those adventures I went on with Stella and Good Looking. You just wrote it down. And I like the way you let me talk about the chickens. Out of those chooks Polly was my favourite, you got that spot on.”

She has your calm yet strict demeanour Wilma, I am glad I got that right.

“But you need to change your tone about my friend Sailor. Yes, she was very crabby to me and didn’t always treat me right. But she was like a mother to me. She was my hero. Even though she only went around the world once, she was still very much my hero and I want that to come through more in the story. You got that completely wrong.”

Ouch! Will do, Wilma, I’ll check back with you in a couple of weeks, and get that photo of you that you like.


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